Luke is the Director of Development at Big Breakfast, has created a bunch of things, and looks like a serious doucher in this picture. 

Luke is the Creator of "Camp Success," currently in development for a television series, after sale to IFC, and "Liked," currently in development after sale to Fullscreen. He is also the Creator and Executive Producer of "I Want My Phone Back," a comedy game show on Comcast's Watchable streaming platform that Paste Magazine recently named one of the best digital series of 2016. Until assuming a role as Producer and Director of Development at CollegeHumor's TV production company, Big Breakfast, Luke served as a staff Writer/Director/Performer, and Head of Native Video at CollegeHumor where he ran creative on several of the digital brand's most popular Original series. In the spring of 2015, he wrote on IFC's "Comedy Music Hall of Fame," and became a digital spokesman for Samsung's Galaxy family of devices. Before joining CollegeHumor in 2013, Luke served as Head Writer of ABC’s “Nightline.” From 2014-2015 he was also a Freelance Contributing Writer to Weekend Update on "Saturday Night Live.” Tracking Board placed Luke on its 2015 Young and Hungry List, naming him one of “100 Writers on the Verge.” He authors the long-running weekly Splitsider column, "This Week in Web Videos" and hosts the HeadGum podcast, "I'm Still Right."